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Gary's Story


I love cameras, I think because it is the only way I know how to stop time.

I have been a full time working pro for twenty some years, shooting weddings and aerial photos from planes, helicopters and recently from drones.

These are two situations in which you never know ahead of time about the conditions. You've just got to be proficient at your craft, trust your abilities and solve the problems on the fly.  I have an uncompromising style for clients who do not want cliche photography, but rather have unique images.

Gary's Experience


In my 20 plus years of professional photography experience, I have had the privilege to shoot many events and people. Whether I am shooting a wedding  in Miami Beach or a municipial water project aerials in South America, you can rely on me to deliver beautiful, perfectly composed and finished photos  every time. I am multi-lingual, Spanish included.

Gary's Photos

I am comfortable with many locations and photography styles. The photography style may differ from assignment to assignment, but my commitment to quality and craft is unwavering. Please see my portfolio for examples of my work.

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Wedding Photography

Whether we're working from a list of must-haves you created or drawing on our experience of 1500 weddings shot, we'll make sure we get the perfect shot every time. We can capture the moments we know you'll want so your event is perfectly preserved.


Aerial Photography

I am a FAA 107 certified commercial drone pilot. To fly a drone is easy.... to couple it with a unique vision in a secure, lawful manner takes drone photography to a whole different altitude.. Real Estate, Construction, Utility Inspections are our specialties. I fly premium quality drones and will capture images from virtually any angle. I welcome any visual challenge or need to get solved. You will get the highest quality photos or videos of places, people or events.


Real Estate Photography

Stills, virtual tours, aerial photos and fly through videos.

Blue sky guarantee. No extra for twilight coverage.

24 hours turnaround time,

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